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Your initial charge will be $397.00. You will then be charged $397.00/month until cancelled.

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Your initial charge will be $397.00. You will then be charged $397.00/month until cancelled.

Please don't interpret my results as any type of claim that you will achieve results that I have. I've spent many years doing this stuff and have had many successes but have also experienced many failures. The average person who buys any type of business building course rarely get results due to many factors. Being successful online takes hard work and determination. Any business involves risk just as this does this one.

Here's What You're Getting Free

Gift #1: Web Cash Academy

Original Price $324 year Your's FREE

Originally Sold For $324. You'll get this FREE with your membership in J.R. Fisher's Inner Circle. (Includes No Shipping Cost)

  • Watch Live Business Training

    You'll get the inside scoop as you watch real businesses learn the proven business techniques to making money online.

  • Live Webinar Training

    Learn step by step Internet marketing techniques in my monthly webinar training sessions.

  • Live Q & A Calls

    Watch real business owners get answers to all of their Internet marketing questions & learn to use these techniques to build your business,

Here's What You'll Learn From This Revolutionary Training

You'll get to watch as I instruct and reveal the secrets to online sales. Watch as we go over the techniques that has made me millions using often free trade secrets that show you how to get results without making costly mistakes.

Follow along as you get information that has made me millions and see how other businesses apply these life changing techniques. 

Inside of this private classroom training you get to be exposed to methods that take you step by step through the techniques to start run and grow online businesses without all of the hassle of wasting hours doing the wrong things. This training is invaluable and eye opening as it shows you everything you need to be a successful online marketer.

Having a hard time finding a profitable product to sell? I'll show you step by step how to find the products that are profitable and in high demand. You'll learn how to find an endless supply of high converting products that generate sales for years to come.

Create Webpages That Get Sales Without Technical Knowledge

In this informative training I show you the process to easy create stunning sales producing webpages without any technical knowledge. You'll never again be lost when it comes to designing a site that generates sales and keeps customers coming back.

Get Automated Recurring Sales

The real trick in online sales is to sell more to people who are already buying from you. In this training I'll demonstrate how to build automated sales funnels that can 10X your customer value and give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

The techniques taught in this training are little know secrets that only the top marketers in the world know about. You'll get the inside scoop to all of these closely held secrets in one concise course that lets you follow along in an easy to understand format.

See Actual Business Owners Get Private Training

Filmed in private sessions, you peek inside my classroom training sessions as I share the secrets to growing online business and you'll see the real business owners as they learn little known business growth techniques.


You'll get the inside access to these training sessions that few have ever seen. People pay thousands of dollars to get access to this high level information and you can get it for FREE.

Your initial charge will be $397.00. You will then be charged $397.00/month until cancelled.

Gift #2: Ecom Road

Original Price $297 Your's FREE

Originally Sold For $297

You will get it FREE today with your access to

J.R. Fisher's Inner Circle

  • 8 Full Comprehensive modules - with step by step guides

    Watch the easy to follow, well organized models as they guide you through the simple and informative process.

  • Bonus goal setting guide and fill in the blank form to obtain all of your goals

    We all know it's hard to stay on track if you don't have a guide. With this simple goal setting outline you'll never have to worry if you are on track with setting and achieving your goals. Your goals will always be organized and you'll see your timeline as you proceed through the business building process.

  • Exclusive membership into the now famous EcomRoad community

    It's always easier to achieve your goals when you have a community to rely on. With the Ecomroad member community you'll always have other members to ask questions and get answers.

Here's The Three Main Things You'll Get From This FREE $1997 Gift

I've found that there are basically 3 major thing you need to get really good at to become a successful ecommerce business owner

  1. Find a high demand product to sell that has a low cost
  2. Build a Shopify store and learn to develop each section to it's maximum potential
  3. Offer related products to your audience to maximize your profits

If you have these three things done then you'll be a successful ecommerce operator

OK, Sure But Here's The Glaringly Obvious Problem

Yup that's all you need to do but if it really were that easy, then everyone would be a millionaire, right?


So where do people go wrong with this seemingly "simple" process?


First you have to remember that most people have no idea where to find "high demand" products and as you would expect without that crucial first step being successful, well the rest just doesn't matter. 


Second people get terribly thrown off when it come to "technical" stuff and building a Shopify store without one on one guidance can be more than most people can deal with.

It just comes down to this....most people just want a step by step process to get them CASH COMING IN IMMEDIATELY.


If you have that cushion of real hard cash, then you can work on the more complicated stuff.


This is exactly what we concentrate on in Ecomroad.


You'll learn the simple steps and you can actually watch me set them up on the screen so you can just follow along and get stuff done FAST and get cash coming in.


Since you and I both know that cash is king, I spend the beginning of the course showing you exactly what to do to get cash. How do I know I can do this? Well simply put I've already done it.


Over the past ten year I've generated millions of dollars selling real products online and have learned the tricks and secrets that most courses never cover.


You see if you really want to learn how to be successful in ecommerce, you need to learn from someone who has already done what you want to do.


I feel blessed that I've gained this experience and love sharing with as many people as possible.


Gift #3: Digital Cash Academy

Original Price $13,761 Your's FREE

Originally Sold For $13,761

You will get it FREE today with your access to

J.R. Fisher's Inner Circle - Full Original Access

  • BONUS Software #1

    Learn how the multi-million dollar operators set up their stores to be massively successful.

  • BONUS Software #2

    Get an "over my shoulder" view of exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You 'll never be lost when you follow my simple plan.

  • BONUS Software #3

    Want to know how the big guys get huge returns with little effort and then automate the entire process? You get the behind scenes look at how I grew a small website into millions of dollars a year in sales.

  • Bonus Software Included!

    You'll get instant access to our business building software that help you do tasks in 10% of the time. This saves you time and money.

I Remember How It All Started...

I was in Cancun Mexico with a group of the top internet marketers in the world and one of them asked my about my business. He knew I had started a survival food company in 2009 that had become a nationwide recognized brand.


He also knew that I had grown it from nothing to a multi-million dollar brand that was being sold on thousands of websites including Walmart. He told me that there are tons of people that would love to know how I grew this brand and then got other sites to actually sell my products on their sites.


Over the next year I worked day and night putting together one of the most extensive and comprehensive ecommerce courses offered any where.


Digital Cash Academy Was Born...

12 months after I started the ecommerce course, I announced the launch of the Digital Cash Academy. It was a huge success. People stood in line to learn the behind the scene secrets that I used to build a course that showed the average person how to sell millions of dollars of products online with zero experience.


This course is easy to understand because it was written by me (a non-techy person). I put everything in super easy to understand terms that the average person can watch and instantly get started to get incredible results.

Do You Want To Earn More, Work Less And Automate The Whole Process?

Your initial charge will be $397.00. You will then be charged $397.00/month until cancelled.

Most people fail in ecommerce businesses because they don't know how to automate - this won't happen to you with this unique system.


I learned early on that most people simply worked too hard. They didn't have systems in place that automated the whole process. In this revealing course I show you how to:


  • Automate emails to sell more products to the same people
  • Integrate your store with drop shippers so that the products automatically get shipped out to your customers
  • Never have to invest any money in inventory so that you can keep your hard earned cash
  • Use a simple software to integrate with 1000's of suppliers and be able to upload hundreds of products to your site in minutes (including images & descriptions)
  • Learn to use "sales funnels" to 4X the value of each and every customer
  • Instantly know which products will be winners and which ones are duds

It's Been Called The "Mac Daddy" Of Ecommerce Courses....LOL

I got lots of compliments about this course but when one guy said this was the MAC DADDY, he got my attention.


He said he had tried everything that was out there but never got any traction until he bought this course. He said it was easy to follow, made him money instantly and he actually did LESS WORK. He said he felt like the curtained were finally pilled back so he could see the real techniques that got unbelievable results.


The fact is that id doesn't matter if you failed before - this stuff works.


Why is this course so different?


Simply put this is not a theory course, it is based on my success at selling real products online for years. Doesn't it make sense to just copy what a successful ecommerce person has already done? Of course it does, and any sane person would tell you that this is the way to learn.


Gift #4: Facebook Ads University

Original Price $27000 Your's FREE

Originally Sold For $27000

You will get it FREE today with your access to

J.R. Fisher's Inner Circle - Full Original Access

  • Simple account set up

    The beginning of the course makes the rest of the course so easy. It will walk you through the exact steps you'll need to get organized and be able to scale your ads and explode your sales.

  • Explanations in simple terms

    Never worry about getting confused again. Facebook Ads University is designed for the beginners, novices and pros. It takes you through each stage so that you gain the knowledge to become an expert advertiser with minimum effort.

  • You'll get 4 bonus softwares

    Wouldn't it be cool to have most of your advertising tasks automated so that all you have to worry about is collecting money? Well in Facebook Ads University you'll get 4 additional softwares worth over $4,000 (absolutely free)

Seriously....$27, 000 Worth Of Value For Free? How?

you might ask yourself how I can afford to give you something worth $27,000 for free. Ok the truth is that I can't. This offer HAS to go away. I really can't afford to put this much time and value into a product and then just hand it out fore free. But, the real reason I'm doing this is to get my inner circle started and i know by doing this, I'll have a HUGE number of people who will want to join the membership. This will enable me to be very picky about who I let in and give me lots of qualified individuals to choose from.

Here's Why You Need This...

I remember when I got started with Facebook ads. It was insane...I was so confused and I lost so much money because I didn't understand how the ads worked and I proceeded to do everything wrong. It took me years to figure out the processes, plans and procedures that are included in this complete course.


  • I've included all of this in this easy to follow course:
  • Simple ad account set up
  • Full explanation of all types of ads
  • Image selection and design
  • Ad copy basics and proven techniques
  • Scaling secrets to explode your sales
  • Audience selection and targeting
  • Simple and effective re-targeting techniques
  • How to get more $$ per customer
  • How to sell to customers that didn't buy in the past
  • How to create look a like audiences of millions of people who are motivated to buy today


I've Got Your Back And You'll Never Be Alone...😀

Nothing is more frustrating than getting to a point where you get stuck. This can happen for many reasons including technical difficulties, lack of understanding, not knowing what steps come next and many more.


This will NEVER happen to you, because I'v got your back.


  • You will have  the full support of my team and I. You can use all of the following resources to get answers and keep you moving forward.
  • Built in help desk tab on every page of the course
  • Email support 24X7
  • Access to my private Facebook group
  • Live weekly coaching calls

Past Failures Don't Matter

I know you might be thinking that you've already tried Facebook ads and they didn't work out for you. You might have even lost tons of CASH with "0" results.


Don't worry, even if you've experienced failures like no clicks, poor conversions, no sales, ads that got dis-approved, got your account closed, not being able to increase your ad spend without sales falling off or many other issues...this course is for you.


This is finally the answer you've been looking for to get real results, real fast. You're gonna love the simplicity and real results you get from this course;



But that's all, I'm also going to throw in all of these super cool automation softwares that will insure fast and easy results.

Included in the Facebook Ads University, you'll get all of these softwares too...

Have You Ever Wanted To Spy On Your Competitors Best Performing Ad Campaigns?

Now you can get instant results on your ads because you'll have this incredibly software that fines and reveals all of the top ads your competitors are running. You'll see in real time their best ads which will enable you tp do similar ads and get results fast without having to spend hours of time and thousands of dollars testing your ideas. Just check out their top ads and you can do similar ones for your business.

Don't You Wish You Had A Fan Page That Everyone Liked?

The answer to having a super successful fan page is to model ones that already have been hugely successful. With this free software that integrates with Facebook in real time, you can now search your niche and find all of the top performing fan pages. Once you've found them, it's simple to use their types of posts and interactions to build an audience super fast. With the bonus fan page spy tool you'll have an unfair advantage over all of your competitors.

No Need To Buy Expensive Graphics Software

No one want to keep shelling out more and more cash for added software BUT to need a way to create stunning ad FAST. The learning curve for most of the graphics software that are out there are super long and who's got time for that. In this membership I'm also throwing in our Facebook ads creator. Without any experience you'll be creating beautiful perfectly designed ads. This software even has all of the needed templates and clip art that will give you all the tools you need in a simple and easy to follow format.

Image Having Thousands Of Audiences Clamoring

To Buy Your Products

One of the biggest obstacles they advertisers face is the ability to find the right audiences to target their ads to. This will never be a problem again with our audience creation tool. You'll instantly be able to type in a few key words to find thousands of people who want your products. And get this....these audiences will contain MILLIONS of motivated buyers. All of this can be done instantly saving you hours of time

Live Coaching Calls Where You Can Ask Questions And Get Answers > $2500 Value - Your's FREE

  • We Select A Few Stores, Review Your Progress, And Help You Increase Your ROI And Scale - Hands On

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions With Me Personally, A Bona-fide 8 Figure Business Owner

  • Get The Latest Strategies And Tweaks That Are Working Right Now For Me And My Clients

  • Typically I Charge $2,500/Hour For Consultations, But You Will Have Access To Me Live Every Week For As Long As Needed

VIP Private Facebook Group Membership - $2500 Value - Your FREE

Membership only $13.23 A Day

Your initial charge will be $397.00. You will then be charged $397.00/month until cancelled.

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