100% Money Back Guarantee (Refund Policy)


100% Money Back Guarantee (Refund Policy) For Digital Cash Academy is as Follows:


If you want to qualify for our money back guarantee (we have one single conditional guarantee,… here are the requirements:


Go through the Digital Cash Academy 8 week training program and implement what we’ve shown you. Use our bonuses to simplify the process & benefit from our hands-on support and mentoring from our team to help ensure you’re successful.


If you STILL don’t produce income, simply drop me an email an I’ll refund what you paid today just for giving it a try. In other words, we guarantee the Digital Cash Academy will work for you … and if it doesn’t, you don’t pay …!


Here are the requirements:


  1. You must implement all strategies taught in the Digital Cash Academy Course. You must watch all the training videos, review all resources, and complete every corresponding action item in the Digital Cash Academy course after purchasing the course. The course’s content is subject to change, but you are required to complete all the materials of the course that was available to you at your time of purchase. You must show documented proof that you have completed the course and were awarded the course completion certificate. The course is concise with short videos, so we require you to complete the course before claiming the refund. You must also show documented proof that you have made attempts to implement all of the strategies taught in the Digital Cash Academy after purchasing Digital Cash Academy (do this inside of a Google doc as you implement these strategies).


1 A. You must show that you consistently ran ads for a minimum of $5 per day, per audience for specific products you selected for at least a 2 week period utilizing the strategies taught in the course.


1 B. You must select at least 4 niches and pick at least 4 products per niche and apply the techniques and run ads for all of your selected niches and products.


  1. You must leverage our world class support team for assistance by contacting them via email. We care about out Digital Cash Academy students and are here to help guide them obtain success. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Digital Cash Academy course or content, you must contact our support team on a few (at least 3) separate occasions via email at support@digitalcashacademy.com

You must show documented proof that you have tried to request advice on our course content in the Digital Cash Academy.

  1. You must document all of the proof you performed in a Google doc, including when you performed the action, what action was performed and the result. It is imperative that you document this data in the Google Doc immediately after you perform each requirement listed above, because Google will track when you made updates to the document, and this is how we will know that you met the requirements in the time allotted. We want you to have success, therefore we expect you to start implementing what we’ve taught you within 7 days of your purchase. So, you should document all of your work and include your name, your purchase email address, and share that document with us at support-at-digitalcashacademy.com within 7 days of your purchase today. You must attempt this for at least 20 days.


That’s it! If you follow these steps and still don’t produce income within 30 days of your investment in the Digital Cash Academy, simply contact us at support-at-digitalcashacademy.com and we will arrange a quick web meeting to verify you fully met each of the requirements exactly as specified above. If you completed these tasks we will refund your Digital Cash Academy purchase price. You must contact us within 30 days of your purchase today to claim this single guarantee and meet all the requirements exactly as stated above. No exceptions.


Yes, you’re guaranteed, at the very least, to produce income in the next 30 days!



Agreement for Multi-Pay Purchases:

Upon purchasing the Digital Cash Academy via a multi-pay (3 pay option), you agree to fulfill/pay all of the payments within the time allotted (within 90 days after purchase for 3 pay). If you require an extension, reach out to our support at support@digitalcashacademy.com

If the full payment is not received, we reserve the right to revoke full access to the course. Payments that have already been cleared cannot be refunded until our conditional refund requirements above have also been met.


Additional Info Required:

Upon asking the Digital Cash Academy team for a refund, we will ask you for the details we require above for our conditional guarantee. It is important to understand that we require you to respond with these details within our 30 day guarantee time period. Failure to respond to us within 30 days will result in a forfeiture of our refund guarantee.


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