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  • No, there is no catch

    The course is completely FREE. We do not require a credit card or any payment for this course. It's just my way of giving back since ecommerce has been so goo to me. Enjoy!

  • Yes this works

    I often get asked if the techniques actually "work". The answer is YES. These are the very techniques that I used to build a multi-million dollar ecommerce business. You can now take this training and start your own ecommerce business or apply these techniques to your current business.

  • No investment necessary

    There is absolutely no charge for this training. If you decide to start an ecommerce business you may have to invest in advertising or other costs but none of those cost will ever be paid to me for this course.

About The Author

J.R. Fisher - Course Creator

J.R. Fisher started in ecommerce in 2009 with no technical background and no experience selling online. He tried selling several products but failed at all of them. Then he figured out what worked and applied it to several different niches.


He has now built several multimillion dollar businesses online and is one of the most sought after internet marketing consultants in America.


He has authored several books in various niches. He is also the creator of this course and many more that educate people on how to make money online.


To contact him, you can email him at training[at]jrfisher.com

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Here's what you get:

  • Lesson #1 - Lead Magnets

    In this video you'll learn how to create "lead magnets" or opt in methods that is essential to build your list of customers FAST.

  • Lesson #2 Get FREE Advertising

    The best advertising can very well be FREE advertising. You'll learn in this short video how to make your advertising dollars pay for themself and give you FREE advertising.

  • Lesson #3 - Email Sales Funnels

    When you complete this lesson you'll have the tools and techniques to build a profitable email sales funnel. This can automatically generate cash 24/7.

  • Lesson #4 - Advanced Training

    In this module you'll see how to take your training to the next level and join an ongoing education program that can sky rocket your sales and income.

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