Hurry This Offer Won't Last Long


WARNING: You probably have made a huge survival food mistake

Even if you've been stockpiling food for years... I guarantee your food storage is severely lacking in this ONE vital ingredient.

1 day?
3 days?
A week or less?
It is amazing how quickly things can get real bad - real fast.
This is a tough question that YOU have to answer and soon!
If you're in a short term survival situation (72 hours or less) you MIGHT be OK...
A short term is NOT what I'm worried about... and that's not what you should be worried about.
It's really about when the Grid Down, Lights Out, Instantly Back to the Dark Ages scenario... the one that you and I both know is coming.
Even if you've been stockpiling food for YEARS... there is one key ingredient that you're missing in your food supply.
It's one that you can't afford to leave out...
MEAT - the protein you need to survive
In a survival situation protein is one of the best food sources you can have... and lets face it... it doesn't exactly grow on trees.
And if you think you'll just be able to go out and hunt for your own protein source... think again.
Remember, every guy and his friends will be trying the same thing... and most of these protein sources can run faster than you.
Edible animals will quickly be hunted out or move out of reach... leaving you spending countless calories looking for something that frankly isn't available anymore.
You'll probably be faced with fighting other people who are just as desperate, if not more so, than you...
You need to have instant access to a source of protein that you don't have to hunt. One that is ready to eat in a moments notice.
I've spent YEARS manufacturing all sorts of different "survival foods" and I've got to say, I've come up with the best meats in the market.
Be warned of imitators, our meats have "no expiration dates o the bottom of the cans - IMITATORS HAVE SHORT EXPIRATION DATES

In the past 7 years I have studied the food market and manufactured millions of pounds of freeze dried, dehydrated and canned meats.


I've seen so many companies try to get into the food market and pass off salty (they do this to preserve because they package it poorly) sub par food that has given survival food a bad reputation.


I also realize that most of them are missing the most important component - 



Now I don't care how long you have been storing and preparing yourself for the coming food shortage... when it comes to food storage options there are so many options that it's incredibly difficult to find good food that tastes awesome and the be able to grab it at a great value. You have probably already found out that the flavor of most of these foods... JUST PLAIN SUCK!

And even the ones that DO taste good are still missing that one key ingredient.
In fact, the lack of protein is my biggest "beef" with most of my so called competitors.
And they all have the same answer as to why they refuse to use real meats...
They don't know how to make it last as long and it's "too expensive."
Hey, bad answer and it just is no excuse..
I knew when I invented Survival Cave Food canned meats....there had to be a better answer.
I had the passion to deliver high quality long lasting ALL NATURAL canned meat that were just PLAIN DELICIOUS!
I am SO glad that I did this years ago because our family of satisfied customers has continued to grow over the years!
When I invented these meats I wanted a superior product that just couldn't be found in the grocery store..... or quite frankly ANYWHERE ELSE
I wanted a product that

But... isn't this just REGULAR canned meat... could it really be that good?

The short answer... as good as it gets... 
Can you say "like grandma's pot roast?"
You will be BLOWN AWAY when you taste this meat...
You see it's not about what I think!
I get videos and letters from happy customers just about every day
You can't buy advertising like this.
When someone actually buys your products and feel compelled to share with you how happy they are, you have to take note... These are people who's opinions I don't take lightly.
They all said the same thing when I told them was looking for canned meat...
That it did not sound appetizing at all.
But I have to tell you...
Every Single One of them changed their mind.
In fact ALL OF THEM now stock up on these canned meats!
I'm glad they do but the truth is that they AND I know it so mouth wateringly good that they WANT TO EAT IT...
Most survival foods, you feel like you HAVE to eat to survive.
As a matter of FACT, I have tons of customers who buy my meats for their every day use because it's better that what they can buy in the grocery store.
In fact, I challenge you to find a long term storage meat that tastes as good and lasts as long as this!
Hell, its actually cheaper for them to use my canned meat than it is to buy it fresh... and they actually get MORE bang for my buck!
Look, when you buy meat at the store, you're paying for EVERYTHING, fat, gristle, bone, and even the water that they inject into it to make it "tastier" (this is called plumping by the way and is a common practice).
After all is said and done, you're only getting 70% of the meat you're paying for... Its kind of like when you open a bag of potato chips to find it's mostly air...
But that's not the only reason you should stock up on this now...
The way things are headed... its about to get rough, and your grocery bill could hit your wallet a little bit harder:

Grocery bills have been on the rise for the last 15 years.

In fact, check out exactly how much beef has gone up just in recent years!

Let's face it, the way things are headed, stocking up on food isn't a paranoid act... it's a smart, tactical decision and frankly... NOT preparing is irresponsible and just simply stupid.

In fact, if you don't see the value in what I'm showing you... then feel free to quit reading RIGHT NOW.
I don't want to waste any more of your time if you just don't get it...
But if you DO see the problem and the value of my canned meats, then I want to make one thing clear.
I make the best survival foods... bar none
If I didn't I wouldn't have so many happy customers...

This isn't some mystery meat... packed in some foreign country whee they have no rules or regulations.

This food is 100% USDA Inspected AMERICAN FOOD!
Each small batch we make comes from inspected VIP well known farmers that we have worked with for years.
Due to our ridiculously strict quality requirements and an incredible increase in demand, this food is becoming incredibly hard to come by... It now takes at least two weeks of painstaking work to hand select, process, slow cook, pack, and inspect each can to ensure that the quality all of our standards are met.
I worked out a plan and put together a package that is absolutely amazing and a steal at the price I'm letting you have it for.
It's a "sampling" but that doesn't mean this is a small 1 or 2 or even 3 ounce ounce can of these meats ... The deal I'm offering you are 12 FULL SIZED 28 ounce cans... That's 108 servings at over 50% off the suggested retail price!
Here's exactly what you're going to get:
Feeds a Family 
of 4 for a Week

Regular Price $269 Sale Price $169 SAVE $100!

Now, I normally sell this particular kit for $269 + shipping…and quite frankly it's an incredible deal at that price.

But with the upcoming storm season upon us I knew I had to get more people prepared...
Sure we could charge an arm and a leg for it... but that's not our goal.
We want EVERYONE to have access to this food because we believe that NO ONE should ever be left hungry and a great tasting supply of food shouldn't put you in the poor house...
We don't want money to keep you from having the food you need... It's just not right.
It is your right and it is your responsibility to be able to survive no matter what and no matter where you are!
So, right now, you can grab your very own “Protein Stockpile from Survival Cave Food,” that will provide you with dependable delicious protein without fail.
But you absolutely need to act now. This deal WILL NOT be here much longer!
Remember, each batch is handmade right here in the USA and takes at least two weeks to cook up... so if you miss out now, you may not be able to get your hands on this again.
And honestly, with how fast meat prices are going up... I doubt that we will be able to offer this pricing again... FOREVER.

After all this Survival Cave Food VIP Protein Package is only ONE part of your food storage plan...

These canned meats will be ready to eat whenever you need them (remember they have NO EXPIRATION DATE)... to get the full advantage of it you need to create an entire survival plan, that is personalized to YOUR needs for YOUR everyday life.
That's why I'm also including my top selling course "The Ultimate Survival Guide" as a HUGE value added bonus.

MSRP $269 Today $169

SAVE $100

Feeds A Family Of 4 For A Week

MSRP $1345 Today $795

SAVE $550

Feeds A Family Of 4 For A Month

MSRP $2690 Today $1490

SAVE $1200

Feeds A Family Of 4 For 2 Months

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